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Mission and Goals

The Nigun Ensemble programs, featuring a wide variety of rarely heard works of great musical and historical interest, address both educational and cultural goals — to promote interest and awareness of Jewish musical heritage and enrich the musical environment of the entire Russian Jewish and American community.

The ensemble's mission of promotion of Russian Jewish music is met through presentation of educational concerts, master classes and lecture/demonstrations. Highly successful concerts have been staged in some of the most prestigious Russian and American music halls, drawing large, enthusiastic audiences. The ensemble has also participated in national and international festivals, in religious and cultural events celebrating Jewish holidays, and in specially conceived musical programs on national radio and television.

Performances of the Nigun Ensemble receive broad-based interest and praise from a variety of audiences and educators. The public greatly appreciates the format of the music, the variety of including many genres, along with lecture material highlighting the background of the music, original interpretation of Jewish music, and a highly professional level which have proven that folk music and high art can exist simultaneously.

It brings Jewish culture to those in the Russian Jewish community who are unaware of it, and educates the general population about the legacy of Russian Jewish music, and Jewish cultural traditions.